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What everyone is saying about DSC.


download.jpg | Salt Lake City, UT

"Data Solutions was very helpful, thorough and communicative in building out our BI tool.


They had great ideas, asked great questions to understand our business needs and met all deadlines on time. Would highly recommend them!"

- Logan Rogers, CEO


GrantMe | Vancouver, BC

"Data Solutions Consulting Inc. has been an absolute game-changer for our business!


Their expertise in managing budgets and streamlining our ETL process has significantly improved our stack and quality of data. They brought visibility to our ETL, maximized utilization and our data is more accessible than ever to our team. Their ability to recommend cost-cutting solutions that will scale with our business has saved us thousands of dollars. Highly recommended!"

- Adam Griffiths, Engineering Manager

DestifyLogo_2022_Icon-2-1-2.png | Chicago, IL

"Michael helped us with an overhaul of how we are pulling data from our platforms and was a huge help.


The work was prompt and the quality was great. Easy to communicate with and very patient. I look forward to using him again in the future!"

- Megan Collins, Business Integrator

nitu group_edited.jpg

Nitu Group | Sugar Land, TX

"Michael and team supported us during a critical time during our data engineering efforts.


Prior to Michael, we were riddled with support issues that made our data environment unstable and our end users lacking confidence that the data they needed to do their jobs would be available in a timely manner. Michael was able to tackle time sensitive issues and provide solutions that helped us scale our processes. He always was conscious of budget and timelines and was able to quickly learn our data architecture to make a meaningful impact almost immediately."

- Alok Mody, Operations & Technology Lead


Reposite | New York, NY

"It was a privilege collaborating with Data Solutions Consulting Inc. over a 9-month period at our company.

Their well-planned work focused on establishing the framework to seamlessly integrate dbt models into Looker, supporting our ability to model advanced explores with LookML.

This team exhibited dependable responsiveness, adeptness at incorporating feedback, and a commitment to going above and beyond in handling the intricacies of our schema requirements. Their expertise in setting up the foundation for dbt integration in Looker was evident, and their valuable suggestions greatly contributed to the efficiency of our ETL processes.
The skilled and reliable team at this agency are highly recommended to any organization seeking excellence in establishing frameworks for advanced data integration!"

- Brandon Griffin, Business Intelligence Analyst

DataBillity | Seattle, WA

"The Data Solutions team is absolute gold!

I cannot speak highly enough of their data insights and software development capabilities which based on my experience, is second to none!


In fact, I have served as a product strategy and development leader for a number of major brands, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and more. Furthermore, I have worked with many talented BI, data analytics and software development colleagues, consultants and third party providers but with Data Solutions, I have never found a more capable team to deliver best-in-class solutions for any data related initiative - simple or complex.


Based on their ability to communicate and execute on time and on budget and their overall professionalism, we will continue working with Michael and his team on all of our data insights and platform development projects for years to come!"

- Bryan Guy, Founder & CEO


Julie Products Inc.

"The DSC team played a crucial role in optimizing our team's marketing analytics process.

Prior to collaborating with them, our team had been relying on cumbersome, manual processes.


Thanks to their assistance in data ingestion and dashboard visualization, we quickly gained more valuable insights. Additionally, the team consisted of excellent communicators who consistently provided updates in a timely and impactful manner. It was a pleasure working together!"

- Sea-Jay Van Der Ploeg, Growth Marketing 


Julie Products Inc.

"The DSC team was instrumental in helping Julie build out our data infrastructure.

As a small startup with no internal data team, all of our data came from disparate sources that did not easily link together, making analysis incredibly manual and time consuming.The DSC team quickly came on board to figure out ways to unify and standardize our data ingestion, making it much easier for us to find meaningful insights.


The entire DSC team is very responsive and easy to work with. They were quick to resolve any issues we experienced during the set up process and always had a solution ready for every data scenario we threw at them. We really enjoyed working with the team and hope to continue building with them!"

- Ximeng Tian, Head of Operations


Food Revolution

"We had the pleasure of working with DSC to create a new financial reporting system within our dashboarding and reporting solution, Sigma Computing.

DSC developed the ETL pipelines from Braintree, Google Sheets, and QuickBooks into a Snowflake data warehouse that we needed to acheive the vision our finance team had set for the future of our organization. They were able to transform a rough concept built manually in Excel into a polished, finished product that updates in real-time as new data comes in. Their team had expert knowledge of SQL/DBT, Snowflake, Airbyte, and other necessary technologies, to provide a turnkey solution.Throughout the process, the DSC team collaborated closely with our stakeholders, provided timely updates, and maintained steady progress. Their work has completely transformed our financial reporting capabilities, giving our leaders significantly greater insights into the financials of our business while reducing the load on our finance team.We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend DSC for their expertise and professionalism.

- Mark Romero, Head of Technology

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