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Google Analytics

Enhancing Business Intelligence with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

1. Transitioning to Google Analytics 4:

  • GA4 offers a transformative approach to analytics with its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and the 'web + app' property model.

  • We help businesses adapt to GA4’s new metrics, such as engaged sessions, average engagement time per session, and engagement rate.

  • Our team assists in navigating GA4's event-based data model, which differs fundamentally from the session and pageview model of Universal Analytics (UA).

  • We ensure a smooth transition from UA to GA4, considering the fundamental differences in data collection and processing.

2. Leveraging Google Tag Manager
for Efficient Marketing:

  • GTM simplifies the process of managing marketing tags on your website, allowing updates and modifications without altering the website code.

  • Our services include setting up GTM for your site, establishing connections, and managing tags for efficient data collection.

  • We assist in configuring tags, triggers, and variables within GTM for precise data collection.

  • Our expertise extends to integrating GTM with GA4, facilitating seamless migration and enhanced event-based data collection.

3. Custom Solutions and Expert Guidance:

  • Data Solutions Consulting Inc. provides custom solutions tailored to your unique business goals, ensuring measurable results.

  • We guide you through every step of implementing GA4 and GTM, from initial setup to advanced usage.

  • Our team offers insights into the best practices for using GA4 and GTM to maximize efficiency and drive success.

  • With our expertise, you can transform data into actionable insights, enhancing your marketing strategies and business intelligence.

Implementing Google Analytics 4 (GA4) correctly can offer significant business value by providing deep insights into user behavior, enabling more informed decision-making and driving business growth. Here are some key metrics in GA4 and how they can improve a potential client's business:
GA4 Key Metrics.png
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